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Estate Management & Maintenance Committee

Terms of Reference

  1. To oversee the physical upkeep and improvement of the Town, and recommend upgrading of existing amenities/facilities, as well as provision of new ones.
  2. To evaluate requests for additional amenities/facilities from residents, grassroot organisations and other community organisations.
  3. To oversee the management, control and use of void decks, community halls, open spaces, common areas and other facilities including the levy of user charges and deposits, enforcement of Town Council (Common Property & Open Spaces) By-laws.
  4. To oversee the provision of Essential Maintenance and Lift Rescue Services
  5. To assess and monitor the performance of contractors involved in providing estate maintenance services;
  6. To ensure that cyclical maintenance works are planned for and carried out according to the Housing & Development Board (HDB)’s recommended schedule or the manufacturer’s recommended product cycle. If there are deviations, the Estate Maintenance Committee should satisfy itself that the reasons are acceptable and that the residents’ safety is not compromised.