Action for Green Towns Team

Ms Rachel Ong
Sustainability Champion of West Coast Town Council

Rachel hopes that every resident at West Coast Town will be given the opportunity to join the AGT Team for at least one initiative leading to 2025!
A fun fact about Rachel is that she is able to consume a large quantity of ice cream in one sitting!

Zero Waste

Ms Joelle Chen

Sustainability Professional in Real Estate

Joelle has been a greenie since the young age of 11. She started by inculcating simple good habits like recycling, bringing her own tingkat (food container) whenever she needs to tabao (takeaway food) and doing clothes swap or heading to the flea market to shop rather than buying new. Joelle joined the AGT Team in hopes to inspire others to rethink consumption through sharing her own personal journey. Joelle strongly feels that BYOB/BYOC (Bring Your Own Bag/Bottle/Container) should be a way of life and she hopes to get at least 100 residents to commit the “BYOB/BYOC” pledge every year. Another wish Joelle has is to see food waste being recycled at all our hawker centres!

Love spicy food? So does Joelle. She loves it so much that she has made a name for herself for it. Joelle won a keg of beer and was crowned as Chili-head at her workplace after having won an ultimate spice challenge. This is one challenge I am NOT up for.

Mr Matt Hanbury

Mechanical Engineering Manager

Matt sees value in the recyclable trash we often throw out every day. He believes by changing our social habits, coupled with emerging technology, we can explore new ways to reuse these materials we so often deem as trash. Joining the AGT Team, he hopes to massively boost recycling in our Town and has a big goal of preventing 100 Tonnes of recyclable waste from being incinerated in the coming year.

Not only is Matt big on recycling, he is big on electric guitars too. However, due to him spending most of his time trying to save our environment, he doesn’t have time to play his 4 electric guitars as often as he wants to.

Green Environment

Mr Eddy Wee

Business Development

Eddy is a man full of ideas. He is excited to work with like-minded people in the AGT Team to contribute to a better environment and create a beautiful estate for the people. Eddy hopes to see more residents in West Coast Town come together to work towards a sustainable future through creating a clean and green environment.

Fun fact about Eddy is that he can eat 10 Roti Pratas in one sitting. Not sure if he can do the same with ice cream.

Mr Tan Wee Thong


As an avid runner, Wee Thong constantly explores new outdoor places and immerses himself in greenery during his runs. He joined the AGT Team in hopes of contributing to our community by giving ideas to conserve and create more green spaces. By the end of 2025, Wee Thong hopes to see more trees planted across West Coast Town and more green spaces for all to enjoy.

Hit Wee Thong up if you are up for a run in a sea of green!

Ms Jane Li


As a horticulturist at a Town Council, Jane is in charge of the horticultural and arboriculture maintenance in the estate. We are ecstatic to have Jane on board our AGT Team and for her to impart her experiences with designing, implementing and improving new and current landscaping projects. With this programme, Jane hopes to see more people make positive contributions to the environment.

Jane loves making all kinds of exquisite desserts in her free time. She emphasizes that she loves making them more than eating them. Guess everyone around her is in luck!


Ms Bianca Morris

Marketing Director

For a long time, sustainability has been a cause close to Bianca and her family’s heart. Bianca strongly believes in community effort and recognizes the strong driving force of a community. Apart from the fulfilment she gets from meeting new people from community initiatives, Bianca loves getting involved at the community level because she feels that is where change really happens. From this AGT initiative, Bianca hopes to reach every resident in West Coast Town so that they feel empowered to build a sustainable future for their families and community.

Bianca is low-key obsessed with ice dancing – not ice skating. Ice dancing. During the 2018 winter Olympics, to her husband’s dismay, Bianca got so into it, she became an armchair judge and learnt how to score this magnificent sport.

Ms Sarah Shum

Professional Jack of All Trades

Sarah is incredibly passionate about sustainability and jumped at the opportunity of joining the AGT Team as she found that it was the perfect opportunity to incite positive change beyond the confines of her own home. By the end of the AGT journey, Sarah hopes to see everyone have more empathy for the community and environment and make more sustainable choices. Sarah wants to make a difference in how people view food and food waste and help everyone achieve zero food waste, so don’t disappoint her!

Sarah’s love for grocery shopping is immeasurable. Should Disneyland be closed, taking Sarah to the supermarket would be your best shot!

Ms Shawn Lee

Property Manager

Shawn realizes the urgent need for sustainability and tries to contribute to a more sustainable environment within her means. She hopes that as a community, we can impart an awareness of the need for sustainability so that we can leave behind a livable world for our future generations.

Shawn loves reading. Love is an understatement. If there was anything in the world that Shawn could do without worry, you’d probably find her spending every other waking hour reading all sorts of books.